Coatings and Inks for Coil and Metal Packaging


Salchi Metalcoat is focussing its activities on just two business fields:

  • Coil coatings, including inks and adhesives for colamination

  • Packaging coatings, including metal decoration inks.

Salchi Metalcoat offers a complete portfolio of coating solutions to its customers for different final uses.

With BiocopacPlus Salchi Metalcoat is developing the first bio-based varnishes for food packaging obtained from agro-industrial waste from the tomato industry.

As a young and independent coating manufacturer it is not related to conglomerates or private equity groups.

In this way it can guarantee for the long term commitment, reliability, flexibility, fastness and closeness to all its customers.

Although established in 1993, Salchi Metalcoat has a long history and a lot of experience in the production and development of coatings.

Today it is one of the mayor independent Coil and Packaging coating manufacturers in Europe.